Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do You Stand Out From Your Competition?

It's a simple question. What do you do to differentiate yourself from your competitors? However, many of us do not want to do all that is necessary to set ourselves apart from the masses.

One of the ways to stand out is to do what so many in sales and marketing do not do. Add the personal touch to your sales and marketing regime. A personal greeting card, in your own handwriting, mailed, not electronic, is a great way to let a client, a prospect, a former customer know that they are important to you and your business. Say thank you for their time, their interest in your product, a referral to a new client. Remind them that it is the anniversary of your business relationship and thank them for their loyalty. Add photos of your products to introduce a new line. Use photos of your client on a card - they will never throw it away!

I do this using SendOutCards and you can, too. If you are interested in creative ways to enhance your marketing program and sales efforts with this simple system, contact me at your convenience.

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